Emergency Supplies!

Do you have the items that you need to stay safe and prepared during a disaster or emergency?  If you completed the food and water challenges, then you are almost there!

Gather your emergency food and water and get ready to complete your disaster/emergency kit! Add other items to your kit that you might need during a disaster or emergency.  An easy way to do this is think about what you would take with you camping in the woods.

Add items such as a first aid kit, sturdy shoes, a change of clothes, list of medications, copies of important documents, flashlight, batteries, hand-crank, battery or solar powered radio, and other such items.  Gather all of the items and put them in a convenient location in a container that is easy to transport.

Try to prepare for each member of your household (including pets) for 72 hours. For a checklist of emergency supplies, visit:



Did you build a disaster / emergency kit this month?  If so, take a picture of your kit and post it to our Facebook page (Kansas Division of Emergency Management) to be entered into a prize drawing!

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