Be Prepared!

An emergency or disaster can happen anywhere and at any time. It is important that you have an emergency kit in locations where you spend a lot of time, including your car!

Be sure to stock your car with a disaster/emergency kit today that includes food, water, emergency supplies, and items specific for vehicle preparedness.

Many of these items are the same as what you would put in your home disaster/emergency kit, just on a smaller scale. Special items to include are:

  • Jumper cables
  • Cat litter
  • A shovel
  • An ice scraper
  • Road safety items such as flares

Don't forget to keep your gas tank full and if you do become stranded, never leave your car unless your location is unsafe. Stay in your car with your emergency flashers on until help arrives.


Create a disaster/emergency kit and put it in your car today! Take a picture of your kit in your car and post it to our Facebook page (Kansas Division of Emergency Management) to be entered into a prize drawing!

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